Who wants the skin of the Archives de France?

What would our memory be without archives, and our reflection on "the meaning of time", to use the title of Anne Both's beautiful work? It is indeed up to this anthropologist, who officiates at the review "Rural Studies" of the College of France and the "World of Books", to have spent a whole winter in a departmental center of archives.Scope "by a romanticism a somewhat naive ”, she writes, she named the place Montaville, anonymity favoring a truth in the dialogue.to collect, read, select, sort, evaluate, restore, classify, preserve, often with love, in the name of common memory.

Endlessly enriching the thousands of linear kilometers of documents is their mission, to make them available to those who want to go back in time, tomorrow morning or in two hundred years, and question the past."Le Sens du temps" (Editions Anacharsis ), the fine and fraternal style of the author, the civilizational stake that looms there come at the right time.Because a confidential document, published in "Le Monde" of November 14, carries its flood of concerns.'is acted, of course, but the Ministry of Culture plans for economic purposes, to drastically reduce the fund to stick to the collection of “essential archives.” The managerial discourse that wins the state will put -it jeopardize the archives of France and Nav

Posted Date: 2020-10-01

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