Franck Mazellier’s Photo Ciné Réparation company took off

The company Photo Ciné Réparation, located in Laudun, is paradoxically better known at the national level than at the local level, although it is aimed at both professional and amateur photographers, repairing cameras and telephone equipment, as well as selling new and reconditioned cameras and everything related to photography.

This company is managed by Franck Mazellier, whose father Joël opened a workshop in 1985 in Montfaucon, France, specializing in the repair of silver equipment. In 2002, Franck joined the workshop and in 2009, this workshop took off with the opening of a second workshop in Nantes, which later became a company of the group.

Eleven employees

Franck will amplify this growth with the creation in 2011 of the SARL Photo Ciné Réparation, specialized in the repair of digital equipment, and the installation in new premises in 2014 in Laudun-l’Ardoise. To reach the mobile phone repair market, in 2020, the group will expand with the company Save My Device.

Currently, the group, which consists of four companies, has eleven employees.

The Laudun site, where customers find many services with three of these companies: Photo Ciné Réparation which has a national and even international clientele, thanks to the website, on which customers, professionals and especially private individuals, can find the amount for repairing their camera, but also follow the progress of the repair, and dialogue with the technician.Fnac is one of their customers for camera repairs.

In the PCR shop, the brand offers photo development and enlargement, ID photos, the sale of new and reconditioned photo equipment and the digitization of old films.

The company Save My Device is specialized in the repair of telephones, tablets, computers, consoles, as well as the sale of reconditioned telephones and telephone accessories.

PCR Nantes offers the same services as in Laudun.

Repairs to photographic and telephony equipment are carried out by highly qualified technicians using high-performance, cutting-edge equipment. The employees in Laudun live in the town or the surrounding area, a fact that was welcomed by the mayor, Yves Cazorla, who came to visit this company in the town.

The manager was pleased to receive him to present his company’s activities and discuss with him techniques for repairing cameras and telephones.

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